sobota 28. února 2009

Beránek a ovečka

Podvinek/Pattern: Světlana Pavlíčková

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Ági mama řekl(a)...


Blandine řekl(a)...

I am very fond of your lacework.
Do you create yourself the design of the patterns ? Which technique do you use, is it bobbin lace ?
And last, but not least, do you sell them ? I am an interested potential buyer.

You can answer me by clicking on the link of my blog hereunder, and then clicking onto the red link "Contactez l'auteur" under my photograph. Thank you.

writing you from France

pauline řekl(a)...

i'm SO impressed by this!!!!
i don't really know how to call your work in english, russian is 'кружево'
очень, ОЧЕНЬ нежно и красиво!