pátek 24. června 2011

Sikhara II.

Pattern: Pencio

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EWA gyöngyös világa! / EWA's World of Beads řekl(a)...

Beautiful work!I like the you played with the colors!

Halinka řekl(a)...

I have been waiting for the new design of Yours,as I love everything You make.
I'm so happy to see the new example of beautiful bead art,as this bracelet is.I love the delicate stitch and the colours-my favourite ones.Recently I also bought lots of Czech seed beads in that colour,also oscillating to green,which I am proud of to have and to think about the new design I will make in the future.
Your bracelet is fabulous-I adore the style You make Your beadwork.It is unrepeatable and unique.
So far I have bezeled my first Rivoli and I am going to show it today:-)
Hugs and Greets-Halinka-

BackstoryBeads řekl(a)...

Love the fluid design and lush colors!