sobota 16. července 2011


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Halinka řekl(a)...

I can say-on seeing the bracelet I have had honey in my heart,stars in my eyes and the warmest smile on my face...
It is beautiful!
So simple design-only from crystals and how fantastic!
I cannot find words-somehow I've always known that there is the whole elegance in simplicity.
I've been thinking of one more thing:what would we all have done if not the Czech Republic?? I guess,all the beads existing in the world are produced there:-)I love Your Country,not only for beads:-)I've been in Prague many times.Once I had a very short way - because I am Polish-from Warsaw:-)
All the Best,Alexandra-Bear Hugs from me:-)

EWA gyöngyös világa! / EWA's World of Beads řekl(a)...

This a very girly piece!