čtvrtek 28. července 2011

Letní rychlovka

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Las Creaciones de Boricua řekl(a)...

Very pretty!!!!!!!!!!

EWA gyöngyös világa! / EWA's World of Beads řekl(a)...

It's great! Congrats!

Halinka řekl(a)...

Missed my comments? :-)
Here I am again:
MY vacations were fine,but I will tell You a secret-I missed Your Blog and Your Beautiful Work.
I can see-You have created entirely different design.It seems to me a modern one and includes the variety of materials.It's very unique piece of art.I like the colors too.It looks a little as if You've joined two styles together: a modern one with the hearted accent of older epoques. I like the idea very much.
Best Greetings-Halinka-

jewelry making řekl(a)...

This bracelet is very attractive because of its color combination. Very striking!